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About Us

Nature and Wildlife Conservation Committee (NWCC) is a team of likeminded youth who decided to work for the conservation of nature and wildlife.


Every year on 5th June, on the occasion of World Environment Day and between October 1st to 7th for “Wildlife Week”, we have conducted many awareness programs about wildlife since the orginisation as formed amoung various community of people. Many of our programs are published in leading news papers which has been incorporated into our service.

First we took up the program of planting trees on the road sides, around the schools, colleges, government offices of bannerghatta and we are continuing this program.


When serial killing of deer took place in Koppala district of karnataka, we protested in Bangalore, to take action against the hunters, for the conservation of wildlife a team of 10 youths conducted a cycle expedition throughout the state. Participation of the forest department minister Mr.Gurumadappa Nagamarapalli, education minister Mr.Ramalinga Reddy during this program has given the committee a lot of support and co-operation. So to proceed with the committee systematically as per the rules we registered the committee in the government as NWCC.


To create awareness about wildlife we conducted summer camps for school students,exhibition of wildlife photographs, showed a movie on wildlife,forest trekking, lectures from the scholars etc. In this way our committee is continuously organizing awareness programs to save nature and wildlife.


Our committee is involved in the Animal Census with Bannerghatta forest department and our volunteers are continuously involved in the conservation of wildlife.


To be more effective and systematic in our service to nature and wildlife our committee has organized camps to create awareness to students in schools and colleges. With the aim of involving the students in the activity of conservation of wildlife continuously, our committee has instituted Nature Club in all schools and colleges.


Along this, over last 2 years our committee is involved inNight Elephant Protection Camp conducted by Bannerghatta forest department. More than 50 volunteer are involved in this camp. As a cycle during this programe every day 4 volunteers of our committee stayed and participated with the forest department for 3 months for the success of this camp.


Our committee has organized awareness programs about forest fires during summer in the villages on the forest borders around Bannerghatta National Park. Since 2 years our committee has organized a 3 day street play in villages and highlighted the adverse effects caused by forest fires.In this manner, NWCC has worked in and around the villages near Bannerghatta National Park for the activities regarding conservation of Nature And Wildlife. Our committee will always be committed to work for forest life and for the conservation of forest with the continued support of the forest department.



Nature and Wildlife Conservation Committee (NWCC) established in 2008 is a Society registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. It is also registered under section 12A(a) of the Income Tax Act 1961 and recognised under Section 80G of the same Act.